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About Us

Concentrate on the design and manufacture of hydraulic products, Jiangsu Feiyao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional hydraulic manufacturer who integratesR&D, marketing, customer service and import & export. With strict and efficient manufacturing&operation system and perfect quality control and guarantee system, FEIYAO provides a full range of engineering solutions for customers.

Relies on advanced research and application technology and with joint effort of domestic professionals, FEIYAO has developed high-end hydraulic products (already has a number of invention patents) and capacity of customizing a variety of scientific and reasonable solutions in rich product lines.Through continual innovations in designs and applications,FEIYAO provides high-quality hydraulicproducts for customers .

Based on the advanced computer control technology, in the past decades, FEIYAO has been devoted itself to providing customers with engineering solutions in the heavy load, high precision control, multi logical action and multi-point control fields, etc., and offering safe&efficient equipment and services in all kinds of applications like multi-point synchronous push, translation, lifting, stretching, walking, asymmetric component weighing, tension, space adjustment, intelligent walking, handling large equipment.

At present, the company's products have been widely used in many industries at home and abroad, such as the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, installation and moving of offshore oil platform, historic buildings, sports gymnasiums, blast furnaces, power equipment and ocean shipping manufacturing.

The synchronous hydraulic lifting systems have made a great contribution to the bridgelifting and maintenance in China, which has won praise from numerous bridge construction enterprises!

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