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Single Acting Pulse Width Control PLC Synchronous Hydraulic Lifting System

  • ※ Displacement Synchronous Precision : ≦±0.5mm

    ※ Power Supply : AC380V/50Hz ( 3 Phase)

    ※ Max. Working Pressure : 700Bar

    ※ Control Mode : Pulse-Width-Modulation

    ※ Operating Interface : Human-computer interface

    ※ Alarm device : Alarm lamp

Product Descriptions

This system uses hydraulic driving, pressure and displacement closed-loop automatic control mode to realize multi-point control, widely used in replacement of highway bridge rubber bearings, overpass lifting, synchronous lifting of inland river bridge, equipment lifting and rectification etc. System Composition and Main Principle

This system is composed of 1 high pressure pump station, control valve groups, hydraulic cylinders, stroke monitoring devices, pressure monitoring devices and 1 set of electrical control system.

Hydraulic pump station controls the flow by on-off valve, depending on regulating the switch frequency to change the flow which achieves the purpose of output flow can be regulated continuously. Accurate control on the synchronization of each hydraulic cylinder in lifting and load balancing in weighing process can be achieved by matching with proper electric control device, to compose pressure and displacement closed-loop control.

Supporting the use of various types of low height hydraulic cylinders, applied to synchronous lifting and replacement of highway bridge rubber bearings.
Main Components and Technical Features
No. Main Products Pictures Functions and Features
1 Hydraulic pump station

Main equipment, releasing control command and collecting information, providing hydraulic oil for system according to synchronous instruction and using PWM signal to control high frequency solenoid valve to execute system instructions.

2 Hydraulic cylinders Primary working parts, lifting and lowering according to system commands. Single cylinder capacity 50T to 100T.
3 Stroke sensors Measure the lifting and lowering height in real time.
4 Pressure sensors Measure and feed back lifting pressure in real time. High measurement accuracy.
5 Hydraulic hose System component for connecting hydraulic pump station and hydraulic cylinders, delivering hydraulic oil. 4 times safety factor, quick connect.
6 Communication bus Connect the synchronous main control station and PLC control box. A communication bus connects with multiple synchronous pump stations, fast connection.
7 Sensor cable Connect stroke sensor with P L C control box to feed back displacement signal, quick connection.
8 PLC Master control system Connect synchronous pump station and PLC control box.

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