30-year Experience in Hydraulic Tools Production

5~1000T hydraulic cylinders, high tonnage, hollow plunger, lock nut, multiple rams and many other models are available

We have accumulated a wealth of multi-point synchronous lifting experience with the provision of synchronous lifting system

Turn hydraulic pressure into torque force, special tool for realizing bolt tightening

The nut is precisely pre tightened by applying axial tensioning force to the bolt

Suitable for pipe flange separation, adjustment and maintenance

Quickly dismantle bearings, gears, belt pulleys and etc

Divided into manual hydraulic pump, electric hydraulic pump and pneumatic hydraulic pump

FEIYAO manufacture a series of high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulic equipment

Provide a variety of bearing applications, installation and disassembly solutions

FEIYAO hydraulic experts maps and develops non-standard products according to the actual requirements

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