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Ultra high pressure Interchangeable Head Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

  • ※ Bolt range: M16-M95

    ※ Thread specification: M16*2-M95*6

    ※ Stroke: 10mm

    ※ Max. Load @1500bar: 224.3-2845.1KN

Product Descriptions

Working pressure of ultra high pressure hydraulic bolt tensioner is 150/200MPa; Wear resistant cylinder, compact design, reliable performance and long service life; High accuracy, high speed, safe application; Reasonable and simple structure, easy maintenance and high strength alloy materials; Can be customized according to the actual working conditions. Product Features

  • Unique sealing design, piston / cylinder can be offset compensation;
  • Plunger working stroke is 10mm;
  • Built in stroke limit valve to prevent over stroke use.
Tensioning head Cylinder Supporting base Dialing ring
Sealing ring Deflector rod Sectional view

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