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Bearing Dismounting Induction Heaters

  • ※ Voltage: 380V(320-440V)/50Hz 3 phase

    ※ Power: 30/40KW

    ※ Control cabinet dimension: 450*350*650mm

    ※ Standard coil size: coil inner diameter 300mm, width 200mm

Product Descriptions

Bearing Dismounting Induction Heaters is a new generation of energy-saving induction heater, aims at dismounting bearing from shaft in railway locomotives, rolling mills, industrial and mining enterprise.

The equipment dismounts work-piece, such as bearing inner ring, stop ring, quake proof ring and so on, by heating. Ring work-piece expanded by heating, a gap is created between the inside of the ring work-piece and the spindle, then dismounting is the result. Meanwhile, bearing and spindle can be used next time without any damage. This is the general advanced heating dismounting way in the world.

The device is composed of two parts: the electric control cabinet and the induction heating main engine. The maximum heating temperature is 300℃. It has the advantages of fast heating, simple operation, energy saving, time-saving and so on. It’s trusted deeply by the railway road section, rolling enterprise.

Steel Enterprise dismounts a inner ring in 10 minutes, which diameter is 900mm and Length is 800mm, without damaging bearing and inner ring! After maintenance, inner ring dismounting equipment series can be used to mount inner ring to bearing, which greatly reduces maintenance period, improving maintenance quality and efficiency. Product Features:

  • Bearing Dismounting Induction Heaters is composed of main control box, removal loop and other parts;
  • Can remove bearing inner ring, stop ring, seal ring , gear, coupling,etc.;
  • Applying the principle of electromagnetic induction, the induction current is generated in the bearing inner ring, to get the goal of expansion by heat , and the clearance is generated at the matching point, to achieve the purpose of easy removing;
  • Rapid, evenly, clear, no pollution and high quality heating, ensure the bearing is not damaged;
  • Widely used in rolling mill, railway locomotive depot, port, dock, and other industrial and mining enterprises.

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