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Mini-gap Flange Spreaders

  • ※ Capacity: 6.8T

    ※ Inserting clearance: 2mm

    ※ Weight: 5kgs

Product Descriptions

Mini-gap flange spreaders with reversible leg design, provides a wider flange range of applications, and the guide rod through the flange hole design, improves the safety of operation. Product Features

  • Innovative reversible leg design provides wider range of applications;
  • Unique double angled wedge produces more spreading force without reducing effective spreading distance;
  • Rust-proof and lightweight, easy to carry;
  • The tip clearance required is only 2mm;
  • Robust but lightweight;
  • Spreading force is 6.8T.
Field Applications
  • Pipe commissioning
  • Pipe shutdowns maintenance
  • Flange removal and replacement
  • Pipe installation
  • Pipeline pressure testing
  • Valve replacement

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