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Synchronous Sliding Hydraulic System

  • ※ Capacity : 60~450 T

    ※ Working pressure : 31.5MPa

    ※ Stroke : 600~1500mm

    ※ Clamping force : 897~6675 KN

Product Descriptions

Synchronous sliding hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic crawler (including hydraulic cylinder and wedge locking mechanism), hydraulic power system, computer control system and sensors etc. The basic working principle of this system is that locking device of the hydraulic crawler is clamped on the ground track, under the instructions of computer control system, two groups pushing hydraulic cylinders stretch alternately to advance large structure forward synchronously and continuously among the track. This technology has the advantages of small size, light weight, large load capacity, safety, good reliability, high automation, convenient and flexible operation and so on.

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