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Lightweight Hydraulic Hand Pump

  • ※ Max. Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Oil displacement per stroke: 1.6ml

    ※ Outlet size: NPT1/4”/NPT3/8”

    ※ Oil capacity: 350/901ml

Product Descriptions

Light weight hand pump is a kind of small high pressure hydraulic pump that can transfer the mechanical power to the hydraulic power, matched with the hydraulic cylinder for lifting the heavy equipment, and also can be matched with the other hydraulic tools for bending, cutting, assembling, dismantling etc. Product Features

  • High pressure, manual type, light weight, portable, easy to operate.
  • Two speed operation, automatic switching, high performance, large oil tank.
  • Built-in safety valve to avoid damage caused by high pressure.
  • Optional directional valve to make it more convenient to operate the single acting cylinders.

Supporting the use of hydraulic cylinder

Supporting the use of hydraulic puller

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