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Servomotor Repairing Pulley

  • ※ Rated load capacity: 40T

    ※ Pushing capacity: 20T

    ※ Lifting height: 180mm

    ※ Track gauge: 1000mm

Product Descriptions

Servomotor repairing pulley is an exclusive hydraulic equipment customized for the maintenance of the hydropower plant's servomotor. This equipment can dissemble and install the servomotor and transport the servomotor from the foundation pit. The servomotor repair pulley has an alignment function, the carriage has a lifting function, it can move on the rail under the effect of the traction. The max. load of servomotor repair pulley is 40 tons, it consists of rails, pulleys, adjusting device. Product Features

  • Remove and install servomotor.
  • Centering adjustment function for pulley guide rail
  • Lifting function for pulley pillow
  • Rated load capacity: 40T

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