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Electric Hydraulic pump

  • ※ Pump type: single acting/double acting

    ※ Valve type: manual/solenoid

    ※ Oil tank capacity: 10-100L

    ※ Motor power: 0.55-7.5KW

    ※ Flow: 0.4-6L/min

Product Descriptions

Electric hydraulic pumps are pray coating, anti-corrosion, pollution-resistant, durable. Lightweight and compact design make it easy to be moved. Double speed pump design, with the high flow in low pressure. The actuator can be fast moved on no-load status.Internal high and low pressure automatic reversing valve and external adjustable pressure valve to make it easy to calibrate the working pressure and avoid the over load. Motor starter has the function of preventing overload, overheat and leakage. The pump can be matched with both double acting and single acting cylinders. Choosing the solenoid valve electric hydraulic pump, remote operation can be realized.

FY-SDB-75 FY-SSB-220

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