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Upper Locking Type Hydraulic Nut

  • ※ Bolt range: M33-M150

    ※ Working pressure: 150Mpa

    ※ Max. Load: 216-5268KN

    ※ Stroke: 4-18mm

Product Descriptions

Hydraulic nut is an efficient, accurate and reliable bolt fastening tool. Thisnut is a permanent fixed hydraulic part and can replace the traditional nuts, no need to extend the stud, still can achieve the effect of fastening.

It provides a simple, safe and economical solution for the fastening of various vibration, rapid rotation, large power equipment and narrow space bolts. Over the years experience in shipbuilding, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal mining and heavy machinery and other industrial fields, it is proved that it is very reliable.

It can be specially designed and produced according to customer requirements. Product Features

  • Suitable for high temperature of 100℃
  • Provide special seal when temperatureis higher than 100℃
  • Anti corrosion protective cap
  • Spherical washers can be used if the interface is not at right angles
  • Non-standard customization

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