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Mechanical Flange Spreaders

  • ※ Capacity: 8-16T

    ※ Tip thickness: 6mm

    ※ Max. Separation: 61mm

Product Descriptions

Mechanical wedge spreaders are recognized the safest flange separation tool on currently market, the design of the first step with interlocking, makes wedge spreaders’ work safer and simpler. Product Features

  • Maximum spreading force is 6 ton;
  • Minimum tip clearance required is only 6mm;
  • each step spreading distance is 20mm;
  • Maximum spreading distance is 60mm;
  • Time-saving and high efficiency;
  • Lightweight, easy to carry;
  • Mechanical type automatic return design;
  • Step distance is large to 15mm, which provides a large output from first step
  • The spreader close to flange when it is operated; unique design ensure to prevent over spread, manual return when it is closed.
Field Applications
  • Pipe commissioning
  • Pipe shutdowns maintenance
  • Flange removal and replacement
  • Pipe installation
  • Pipeline pressure testing
  • Valve replacement

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