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Double Acting Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinder

  • ※ Max. Working Pressure : 70Mpa

    ※ Cylinder capacity : 20-150T

    ※ Closed height : 189-451mm

    ※ Stroke : 50-250mm

Product Descriptions

Double acting aluminum hydraulic cylinders adopt latest alloy technology, hard-coat finish, seal design and supporting material, change your traditional view of cylinder. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to transport and locate, and has a high strength comparable to steel. Product Features

  • Composite bearings prevent metal-to-metal contact, increasing cylinder life and resistance to side-loads;
  • Hard-coat finish on all surfaces resist damage;
  • Handles included on 50T, 100T, 150T model;
  • Steel base plate and saddle for protection against load-induced damage;
  • Built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization;
  • Special stroke can be customized according to customer’s requirements;
  • 3/8 "- 18NPT coupler and dust cap included on all models.

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