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Pneumatic Hydraulic Foot Pump

  • ※ Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Cylinder type: single acting

    ※ Oil tank capacity: 589/1311ml

    ※ Flow: 0.13L/Min

    ※ Air pressure range: 4.1-8.3bar

Product Descriptions

Max working pressure of thispump is 700bar, can work with the low tonnage hydraulic cylinders or other hydraulic tools together. The pressure is adjustable within 0-700bar. Internal relief valves for overload protection. Power source of this pump is compressed air, no electric spark or flame hazard.Pedal switch control, the manual switch control and big oil tank can be customized according to the client request. Portable aluminium cylinder, work with single acting hydraulic cylinder, equipped with liquid level indicator and NPT 3/8” couplings.

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