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Hydraulic coupler puller

  • ※ Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Cylinder capacity: 20-42T

    ※ Cylinder stroke: 75-90mm

    ※ Cylinder length: 304-373mm

Product Descriptions

Hydraulic coupler puller focuses on dismantling the hydraulic couplings. With the feature of saving time and strength, easy to operate, no injury to the equipment. Widely used in steel plant, metallurgy, electric power, cement plant, coal mine etc. Product Features

  • Easy to install, the best design in structure. Aluminium alloy plunger, light weight.
  • Easy to operate, only need to operate the 700bar hand pump to remove the coupler from shaft safely.
  • Good performance, no injury to the equipment after finished the dismantling.
  • Can be used for couplers with several different sizes, no matter coupler is domestic or imported, big size or small size, just need to notice the screw specification of the coupler , the special connector can be customized to match with the puller.

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