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Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedge Spreader

  • ※ Capacity: 18T

    ※ Inserting clearance: 9.5mm

    ※ Lifting height (1st stage): 9.25-29.5mm

    ※ Lifting height (2nd stage): 30.5-51.5mm

    ※ Max. Lifting distance: 67.5mm

Product Descriptions

The hydraulic vertical lifting wedge spreader is suitable for narrow space, used for lifting and adjustment of large devices, providing lifting force up to 36 Ton, designed for vertical lifting or lowering. Product Features

  • Requires very small access gap of only 9.5mm;
  • Each lifting wedge includes a piece safety block;
  • The lifting wedge generally works in pairs or several pieces and works more efficiently;
  • Single-acting, spring return cylinder;
  • Vertical lifting, large machinery installation, factory building maintenance, mechanical calibration, combination with the tackle is possible;
  • 19mm lifting height of each step, single acting hydraulic cylinder, 18 ton lifting force, mechanical automatic return, interlocking first step, no environmental pollution;
  • Each step can spread under full load;
  • Suggest using two or more units at the same time, more efficient and safer.

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