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Large Torque Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • ※ Min. Torque range: 300-15101Nm

    ※ Max. Torque range: 3002-161013Nm

    ※ Bolt diameter: M27-M120

    ※ Driving square: 19*19-105*105mm

Product Features
  • High torque hydraulic wrench with high technology aerospace materials, aluminum and titanium alloy and special alloy steel.
  • 360° quick coupling, no space limited.
  • Direct push type square drive reversing, simple and quickly.
  • Precision ratchet, the accuracy is as high as ±3%
  • Can be equipped with large size and long sockets to adapt to different requirements of work conditions.
  • Ultra large torque design, up to 180677Nm, greater torque can be customized.
  • Standard working pressure: 70MPa


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