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Wire Carrier

  • ※ Bolt diameter and pitch: 30*3.5-140*4

    ※ Driving Square: 30*30-64*64mm

    ※ Power source rated torque: 6370-34300Nm

    ※ Air pressure: 0.63Mpa

Product Descriptions

Traditional solutions and shortcomings:

Using chain clamp or pipe tongs twisting manual rotating bolt, or double nut and tight, reverse remove loose the bolt with wrench, prone to bias load, damage the bolt; effective torque is small, not suitable for large bolts. Working Principle

The wire carrier tightensthe bolts with suitable nuts, through the pre-tightening of twonuts to achieve bolt tightening. To avoid the damage of bolt, then make the bolt be inserted or removedby hydraulic torque wrench or pneumatic wrench, achieving rapid and non destructive implanting or boltremoving working. Product Features

  • Solve the double-headed boltdisassembling and assembling problem quickly
  • Simple operation, operated by pneumatic impact wrench or hydraulic torque wrench
  • Unique design, protect thread
  • Suitable for metric M14-M160, imperial1/2 -7 bolts
Model selection preparation
  • Bolt size
  • Bolt material
  • Working space around the bolt

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