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Torque Multiplier

  • ※ Max. Torque: 1500-20000Nm

    ※ Bolt range: M20-M95

    ※ Input square: 12.7mm

    ※ Output square: 25-60mm

    ※ Drive ratio: 4.8-96.8

Product Descriptions

Torque multiplier is suitable for confined area and tightness of vibration machinery of heavy load, lightweight and convenient manual operation.The planetary gear structure produces a high torque output.Smallest tool diameter, the maximum torque output, interchangeable specifications of the sockets, for a variety of large diameter bolts and nuts.Reaction supporting footcan be customized according to the user's actual working conditions.With the use of torque wrenches for higher torque accuracy. Product Features

  • Sturdy and long service life; Drive ratio accuracy:+5%
  • Normal operation without power supply and small space, make sure the safety use at the same time.
  • Each set of torque multiplier is equipped with the corresponding specifications sockets.
  • Each set of torque multiplier is equipped with aluminum packing box, easy to carry on-site.

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