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Intelligent Tensioning Hydraulic Control System

  • ※ Tensioning technology : Post-tensioning/Pre-tensioning

    ※ Number of cylinders : 4-20 units

    ※ Power supply : 220V/50Hz

    ※ Screen features : 5”-10” touch screen

Product Descriptions

Intelligent tensioning hydraulic system is mainly used in bridge intelligent tensioning project. Hydraulic system equipped with displacement sensor and force sensors form a closed-loop control system. The intelligent tensioning can be realized by operating control device to carry out accurate and effective tensioning construction. It can store and process the data, has strong anti-interference ability, and can guarantee the prestressed tensioning construction quality effectively. The control system monitors the tensioning value and steel strand elongation of each tensioning device in real time, analyzing and judging in real time, adjusting the working parameters of frequency conversion motor in real time and high speed adjustment of the oil pump motor speed in real time to achieve the accurate control of tensioning force and loading speed. This system also automatically adjusts the tension process according to the preset force value and the tension step.

Prestressed computer numerical control precision tensioning equipment is mainly composed of computer synchronous control station, synchronous hydraulic sub-stations, tensioning hydraulic cylinders, pressure sensors and hydraulic system accessories, large diameter high strength finish-rolling screw and nut etc. This equipment has 4 synchronous points, displacement synchronous tensioning precision 1mm, force synchronous tensioning precision 0.5%. This device has the advantages of high precision dual control of force and displacement, humanized touch screen human-machine interface, tensioning data saving, printing and transmission.

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