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Plate Bearing Heaters

  • ※ Voltage: 110V/220V, 50Hz

    ※ Heating power: 1.32KW

    ※ Heating temperature: 30-350℃

    ※ Control accuracy: ±3℃

Product Features
  • High performance plate bearing heater is a professional heating device, especially designed for pre-heating small bearings prior to mounting. Quick setting temperature, over temperature automatic protection, automatic heat preservation;
  • Apply to heating design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and other fields of heating tool;
  • Integration of heating element and platform. Safe, reliable and convenient to use; allowing multiple work pieces to heat at the same time in a plate area.
  • The Plate bearing heaters apply to heating conduction mode, the work piece away from the material, shape restrictions, safe and reliable, easy to use, can be a plurality of work-pieces to heat at same time, automatic control of heating process, with protective cover, and can protect the heating plate, improve the heating speed in the heating process.
  • Heating plate integrated manufacturing (maximum temperature up to 350 degree), the service life is more than 10 times compare to others heating board(maximum temperature up to 200℃), with a higher heating temperature limitation, and the heating efficiency is higher.

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