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Pneumatic Impact Wrench

  • ※ Bolt range: 18-100mm

    ※ Torque range: 490-43576Nm

    ※ Air consumption: 30-90L/S

    ※ Driving square: 20*20-63.5*63.5mm

Product Descriptions

Pneumatic impact wrench is a professional wrench for high strength and continuous demolition and installation of bolts.,product series, compact structure and low vibration, low noise to reduce the operator's fatigue.The machine torque large, light weight, the use of standard 6 bar air pressure for bolt removal and installation. Product Features

  • Industrial design, high torque, light weight
  • Innovative non-impact clutch system
  • Low noise and low vibration design
  • Use the standard 6 bar air pressure
Industry Applications
  • Disassembling and tightening of hydraulic turbine inspection bolts in hydropower station
  • Disassembling and tightening of turbine inspection bolts in thermal power plant
  • Disassembling and tightening of oil pipeline flange in refinery
  • Disassembling and tightening of steel plant high - line equipment bolts
  • Disassembling and tighteningof cement mill bolt in cement plant

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