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Bearing Induction Heater

  • ※ Voltage: 380V/50Hz

    ※ Heating power: 24-80KW

    ※ Min. Internal diameter: 145-1000mm

    ※ Max. Internal diameter: 1300-3000mm

    ※ Width of work-piece: 400-630mm

Product Features:
  • Applying to electromagnetic induction heating mode, so that the work-piece is heated directly, heating more evenly;
  • Has constant temperature and timing two heating methods, with automatic heat preservation, manual/automatic demagnetizationcharacteristic and so on, safe, convenient and quick operation;
  • Generally used in the maintenance workshop and production field;
  • Be customized as per the requirement of customer.
KET-RMD-240 model:
  • Rotary heating rod, movable, microcomputer control;
  • Easy to move, mainly used for heating the non-standard work piece which is quite width and large inner diameter;
  • The heating work piece width up to 600mm.
KET-RMD-400 model:
  • Electric moving heating rod, turbine propulsion type, microcomputer control;
  • Mainly used for the heating of the outer wheel of EMU and high-speed rail, bearing cover, wind power bearing seat and so on;
  • The heating work piece width up to 500mm.
KET-RMD-600 model:
  • Mainly used for the heating bearing cover, wind power bearing seat and so on;
  • The width of heating work piece is up to 400mm.
KET-RMD-800 model:
  • Two points temperature control, internal and external circles to be heated at same time;
  • Mainly used for heating the PMSG main bearing (combined), pipe welding preheating;
  • The diameter range of heating bearing is 1000-3000mm, heat and detect inner and outer circle temperature, evenly heated and expanded.

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