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MSK series - Multistage Cylinder Bolt Tensioner

  • ※ Pre-tightening force: 308.5-3041KN

    ※ Thread specification: M24-M72

    ※ A/F: 36-105mm

    ※ Diameter:57-168mm

    ※ Height: 190.5-387mm

Product Descriptions

The compact design is used in working conditions of axial space unlimited, but both sides are limited;

The min. upper thread projecting amount(h2) should be 1.0x bolt diameter D (according to the required pre-tightening force);

Maximum working pressure 1800Bar/2250Bar;

Used for hex nuts, heavy nuts, ISO4032, DIN 2510, EN14399 round nuts, round nuts and SV round nuts. Product Features

  • Safety blowout prevention device;
  • The piston self-return;
  • Replace accessories according to the different thread and nut specifications;
  • Optional measuring device of bolt tensioning amount;
  • Gear direct-driving nut;
  • Rotary sleeve with spring;
  • Over stroke limit;
  • Operating hole;
  • Safety handle;
  • Counter.
Optional Products
  • Chromium nickel surface coating;
  • Safety measuring rod of thread projecting amount;
  • Distributor coupler;
  • Portable safety cover;
  • Swivel high pressure male/femalecoupler.

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