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Split Type Electric Hydraulic Pipe Bender

  • ※ Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Bending range (O.D.): 22-159mm

    ※ Bending radius: 4*pipe diameter

    ※ Pipe thickness: ≤4/10mm

Product Descriptions

eparately designed between the bender and pump, easy to carry on site. It is widely used in smooth wrinkle-free bending for water pipes, wire pipes, gas pipes, pipe, especially for thick-walled pipes.

Size 1/2’’- 2’’ pipes can be bent to 90ºat a time, size 2’’- 6’’ must move the pipe to bend. Product Features

  • A whole set includes Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Electric Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Hose, Molds, Fixed Plug-pin;
  • Double acting Hydraulic Cylinder, quickly reset, improving the bending efficiency;
  • Piston plated hard Cr to prevent scratches and corrison, surface painted to improve the resistance and corrison;
  • Lightweight heat-treated steel molds and steel frame make bending pipe smooth wrinkle-free;
  • Size 4’’- 6’’ Electric Hydraulic Pipe Bender, equipped with Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder which reset quickly, works more efficiently with Electric Pump.

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