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Automatic Vehicle Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • ※ Motor power: 0.75KW

    ※ Travel speed: 0-80 m/min

    ※ Max. Torque: 110000Nm

    ※ Torque wrench motor power: 3KW, 380V/50Hz

    ※ Working pressure: Low pressure:20MPa/ High pressure:70MPa

Product Descriptions

The fully automatic vehicle hydraulic torque wrench is designed specially for the assembly and disassembly of turbine runner blade bolt in hydraulic power plant.It replaces the manual tap wrench, driving traction and other installation and disassembly modes. Reduce the labor intensity and eliminate the hidden danger, to achieve the purpose of fast, light and flexibledisassembly.Fully automatic vehicle hydraulic torque wrench is a special hydraulic equipment for tightening and loosening bolts.It has the characteristic of fully closed overall frame structure, torque accuracy±3%, 360 degree swivel quick coupler, double acting, high speed, high degree of rotation angle and so on .

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