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3D Hydraulic Adjustment Equipment

  • ※ Capacity: 100-600T

    ※ Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Vertical adjustment range: 250mm

    ※ Horizontal adjustment range: 150mm

    ※ Tilt angle: 5°

Product Descriptions
  • Single lifting capacity: 100-600T;
  • Vertical adjustment range: 0-250mm;
  • Horizontal adjustment range: 0-150mm;
  • Common quantity used: 4pcs;
  • Operation method: wire-controlled handle (standard), the console (optional);
  • Transportation: self-powered walking (hydraulic motor), crane lifting (with hooks), forklift trucking (with a shovel hole).
Product Features
  • Specially designed for the hull segment closure three-dimensional adjustment of positioning, hull segmentation can be precisely positioned in three dimensions, six directions;
  • 70Mpa hydraulic design makes the overall light weight, small size;
  • "Motro-electro-hydraulic" integrated design; through the device standard wire-controlled handle all the actions of sub-adjustment, remote control handle with continuous operation and jog operation characteristics can be completed, can also be linked to achieve the total control console 4 or more Taiwan linkage operation segment positioning;
  • In addition to the "hydraulic lock" and "lift valve group" at the moment of security, the equipment standard "mechanical lock" mechanical nut can provide hull segment, equipment and personnel of the reliable security;
  • Equipment standard hydraulic motor comes with power walking, equipment walking wheel hydraulic lift, front and rear drive are set by the handle on the button control, a single person can easily walk and place equipment, and set the lifting point and shovel teeth Holes for easy door crane and forklift transport;
  • The device can be tilted at the top of the device anti-bias force saddle 5 degrees, effective at the bottom of the uneven section to adapt to the phenomenon of standard steel tray;
  • Equipment internal pipeline clear, tidy, the main pump station with rails design, can facilitate routine maintenance and inspection work;
  • Modular design concept: master pump station, electrical control box, carrying jacks are fast connections between each other, easy to repair, replacement and upgrades.

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