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Special Hydraulic Nut for Bearing Assembling and Disassembling

  • ※ Bolt range: 50*1.5-Tr500*4

    ※ Stroke: 5-19mm

    ※ Hydraulic area: 2900-51500mm²

Product Descriptions

It is the ultra high pressure toolcommonly used for workpiece installation of bearing, flywheel propeller and etc. Smooth lifting, no impact, no damage to the workpiece and other characteristics in the process of pressing. Through the inner ring thread of the hydraulic nut, can be mounted on the shaft parts, the piston pushes the workpiece to the required installation position under the action of the 70MPa-150MPa pressure.

The installation and dismounting on the tapered shaft and the bearing on the shaft sleeve is a difficult and time-consuming task. Using hydraulic nut, can obtain high pressure driving force required for mounting bearing, thus make the bearing assembly and disassembly more easily and quickly. All hydraulic nuts are equipped with ultra high pressure hydraulic pump and quick coupler.

Using the axial and radial oil injection two ways, without space restrictions.

Optional electric, pneumatic, manual hydraulic pump as a power source according to user requirements

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