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Single Acting Multistage Hydraulic Cylinder

  • ※ Max. Working Pressure : 70Mpa

    ※ Cylinder capacity : 10-50T

    ※ Closed height : 250-390mm

    ※ Stroke : 135-600mm

Product Descriptions

Single acting multistage hydraulic cylinder can be used in confined areas to carry out a long stroke lifting operation, separable structure, multistage lifting, single acting and load return. Product Features

  • Compact structure, wide range of uses; single acting ,load return; can not be used horizontally or reversely.
  • Plunger seal groove size and tolerance in line with national standards GB/T2879-2005/ISO 5597:1987;
  • The experimental method is in line with the national standard GB/T 15622-2005.
  • 3/8 "- 18NPT coupler and dust cap included on all models.

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