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Standard Hydraulic Puller Sets

  • ※ Capacity: 8-50T

    ※ Max. Spread: 249-1100mm

    ※ Max. Reach: 462-863mm

    ※ Jaw width: 23-39mm

Product Features
  • Hydraulic puller sets are widely used in dismounting of bearings, gears, couplings, pulley, fringe wheels in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, paper mill, cement plant and large equipment maintenance field.
  • Supplied with a full hydraulic set including pump, hose, cylinder, gauge and gauge adaptor.
  • Standard hydraulic puller sets include grip puller sets, cross bearing puller sets, bearing cup puller sets and accessories.
  • High quality, forged steel components provide superior reliability and service.
  • Sets include speed crank and adjusting screw for fast contact to work before hydraulics are applied.

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