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Mobile Hydraulic Lifting Jack

  • ※ Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Capacity: 50-150T

    ※ Stroke: 350-690mm

    ※ Valve type: Manual/Solenoid

Product Features
  • Rugged wear-resistant heavy-duty structure extends its service life;
  • Large base pad to support the cylinder;
  • All-round wheels for easy transport and placement;
  • Cylinders and pumps are easy to disassemble and used for other applications or repairs;
  • Electric drive mode, work capacity range 50-200T, appropriate for all kinds high-intensity operations;
  • Adjustable handle can be adjusted in three directions, easy to transport and adjust the tilt angle;
  • Auxiliary ram to increase the collapsed height, significantly increase the lifting height, no need to support pad.

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