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Mobile Lifting Jack for Locomotive

  • ※ Rated lifting capacity: 16-40T

    ※ Motor power: 3-7.5KW

    ※ Min. Height of support head: 650-900mm

    ※ Lifting height: 2000-2500mm

Product Descriptions

Mobile lifting jacks for locomotives are suitable for all types of railway electric locomotives, diesel locomotives and other vehicles to implement up and down operating requirements, to facilitate the body, bogies and other parts maintenance operations, usually operating simultaneously with four sets. Product Features

  • Includes transmission, frame, bracket, moving frame, synchronous control device, etc.
  • Structure is simple, the use of production costs less but with high efficiency and light weight;
  • Easy to operate, usually fixed in the station, can also be moved, use safely;
  • Mainly using gear transmission and screw drive transmission, low failure rate, easy maintenance;
  • Four sets as simultaneous operation group can automatically control the synchronization upgrade to avoid tilting.

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