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3D Adjustment Hydraulic Cylinder

  • ※ Max. Working Pressure : 70Mpa

    ※ Cylinder capacity : 250-1000T

    ※ Stroke : 200mm

Product Descriptions

3D adjustment cylinders, large capacity, can adjust the capacity according to the actual need, Capacity range is 50T-1000T, 3D control x/y/z three directions, can achieve 1mm precision adjustment and positioning accuracy. Control system touch screen display operation with a convenient human-computer interaction interface, easy and quick operation. The control system is easy to disassemble and assemble, reducing the high altitude and offshore operations requirements. Hydraulic control system can use by manual or power supply, to adapt to any operating conditions.

3D adjustment of the hydraulic cylinder is a set hydraulic technology, mechanical technology, computer control technology, electrical technology in one. Through the PLC control of objects need to adjust the state into a computer program, and then send it to the hydraulic pump and control it. Hydraulic pump will pass the commands to more than three dimensional instructions to adjust the cylinder to achieve linkage synchronization. At the same time, the sensor feed back the actual working condition to the PLC controller. The computer will calculate the information and send an adjustment signal.

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