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Multifunctional Busbar Processing Machine

  • ※ Working pressure: 70Mpa

    ※ Voltage: 220V/50Hz, single phase

    ※ Cutting capacity: 25T

    ※ Punching capacity: 30T

    ※ Bending capacity: 15-25T

Product Features
  • Bending angle can set within 1-120º, with pedal control switch;
  • Safe operating system, operating without worrying about security;
  • Easy to replace the molds based on different work, improving the work efficiency;
  • With 70Mpa hydraulic system, of low noise, strong work, durable use;
  • The open workbench ensures the work-piece does not deflect after bending;
  • Punching without flash, cutting off with formation, fished with precised angle, a large number of busbar processing can be quickly repeated;
  • Equipped with cutting and punching double positioning ruler, bending and bending angle mark ruler.

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